Favourite Andreas quote “Where did this thing come from?”

“Where did this thing come from? How do you build, in four years the fastest hashing supercomputer on the planet. Completely without anyone noticing. Honestly most of the world, outside of this room. How many people on the MIT campus know that the fastest computer in the world, if you allow for hashing, is the bitcoin network. It’s not just fast, its thousand of times faster then all of the top supercomputers put together. In 2014 during ‘the worst year for bitcoin’ 500 startups received 500 million in investment generating tens of thousand of jobs and none of that innovation has come back yet because they just started.” Andreas Antonopoulos | via reddit

Newegg Is Officially Participating in Bitcoin Black Friday

It’s official, Bitcoin Black Friday is a big deal. Remembering back to when this thing started I wasn’t sure anyone of note would participate. Today the idea of any Bitcoin-accepting business not capitalizing on Bitcoin’s own massive holiday sale is inconceivable. There has been a lot of anticipation leading up to this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday: A lot of new businesses have jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and the idea of some of the bigger ones taking part in BBF 2014 has many of us salivating. I’m happy to announce that one of those drool-inducing dreams has in fact come true! According to organizer Jon Holmquist, Newegg is officially participating in Bitcoin Black Friday.

More: http://codinginmysleep.com/newegg-is-officially-participating-in-bitcoin-black-friday/

3 Easy Steps: Creating your new bitcoin wallet with our Android app

Being able tblockchaino send and receive bitcoins is only seconds away, after you’ve downloaded and installed Blockchain’s bitcoin wallet for Android.

Did you know that you can also use our wallet on your Android tablet? In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a new wallet using your Nexus 7 tablet, with tips included on how to ensure your wallet is safe and secure.

The wallet creation process should be identical (or very close to it) for any Android device.

Continue: https://blog.blockchain.com/2014/08/19/3-easy-steps-creating-your-new-bitcoin-wallet-with-our-android-app/

Yahoo Finance adds BTC/USD! Google Follows Suit.

Yahoo-finance-adds-bitcoinYes, now you can add the price of a Bitcoin to your preinstalled yahoo finance app on your phone or visit it online!

This is exciting news! Shortly after, none other than Google Finance has followed along offering Bitcoin under their currency lists as well.

Both of them lack a serious amount of history of the bitcoin price, for that we recommend BitcoinWisdom.com which offeres live charts for a veriety of exchanges and digital currencies.

DISH Network becomes the largest company to accept Bitcoin


The bitcoin merchant processor Bitpay has teamed up with the largest business so far to accept bitcoin, worth over $27B:

We’re excited to announce that DISH will accept bitcoin and has chosen Coinbase as their bitcoin payment processor.

DISH today announced they are the largest company and first subscription model pay-TV provider to accept bitcoin, marking a large step forward in the growing momentum of customers paying companies in bitcoin for things we do every day, like watching premium TV. Continue reading

Bitcoin approved for political donations*

The US Government has approved the use of Bitcoin for campaign donations, but that comes with a grocery list of requirements and breaches in privacy:

*Donate with Bitcoin, as long as you:bitcoin-accepted-here

  • Don’t exceed $100 worth
  • List your name and address
  • List your occupation and employer
  • Prove you own them
  • Married: Get spouses approval
  • Prove you are not a foreign national
  • Account for capital gains


“Using bitcoin as payment for PACs, therefore makes PACs subject to IRS search warrants to catch individuals avoiding taxes illegally. And given what we have seen in Switzerland in cracking down on tax avoidance, we should fully expect the IRS to use this to justify PAC search warrants, whether politically motivated or not.”

RT has more details: http://rt.com/usa/157764-fec-okays-bitcoin-for-pacs/