About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is both a global digital currency and networking protocol. If there is anything you should take away from bitcoin, it would be these 4 concepts:

  • Bitcoin is practically free to use. The software for a wallet is free and most transactions can be made with very little or no charge at all.
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized world wide currency, no single person or government controls it.
  • Bitcoin is encrypted with the same technology (sha256) that banks use to secure their fiat money. It’s arguably the safest way to store wealth.
  • Bitcoin has a steady rate of inflation, currently awarding only 150 BTC/hr to the miners that are helping support the system.

Using bitcoin: Gone are the days of high transactions fees, vast government regulation, heavy currency debasement (inflation), counterparty risk, archaic security (hiding cash under your mattress), and political oppression among other things.

Bitcoin is changing the world.

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More information can be found at bitcoin.org and weusecoins.com

Short video explaining bitcoin:

Another short video explanation:


How a bitcoin transaction works bitcoinnews

The Long Explanation:

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