BTC-E Becomes the Heavy Weight of Exchanges



Long gone are the days of Mt. Gox ruling the bitcoin world of Mordor, who up until recently boasted their 80% market domination 2011 statistic on their homepage. BTC-e, a russian exchange that usually trends behind, has made tremendous headway in becoming the most traded exchange today.

Unlike Gox that trades only bitcoin, BTC-e trades a variety of popular cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies like USD, EUR and RUR. As more traders learn about alternative (to Mt. Gox) exchanges, they realize it’s a much bigger risk to only have the pair of BTC/USD available to them. With BTC-e’s hand selected currency pairs, a trader can move their wealth into a plethora of popular currencies depending on their needs and ideals, making BTC-e a more stable exchange overall.

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