Denmark declares Bitcoin legal for trade

Bitcoins RiseThe Financial Supervisory Authority of Denmark came out with a statement today on the subject of Bitcoin.

The statement mainly geared towards the dangers revolving around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The statement presented 6 negative aspects on cryptocurrencies and went into detail on each one.

– There is a risk of losing your virtual money to exchanges.
– There is a risk of your virtual money being stolen directly from your digital wallet.
– In the chance that cryptocurrencies do not take off, you might risk being heavily invested in the currency, without the ability to exchange it for FIAT.
– The cryptocurrency exchange prices fluctuate rapidly.
– Cryptocurrencies are linked to criminal activity.
– There is a future possibility of cryptocurrencies being taxed.

Even with the negative light shined on cryptocurrencies, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Denmark did not imply any regulations on them, and declared it legal to be traded. Businesses who deal in Bitcoin will not be subject to financial regulation in Denmark. Furthermore, any business interested in establishing Bitcoin exchanges is able to do so without the need of approval from the financial authorities.

Full article here.

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