WIRED Tour of Robocoin: First Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Wired Mag Robocoin goes live

Wired.com – Robocoin Goes Live

Today marks the day when automated personal banking will truly reach new heights, possibly eliminating the need for human assistance in banking. Wired.com has the latest on the new Bitcoin ATM machines being released in Canada by a company called Robocoin.

The Robocoin isn’t like other ATMs. It doesn’t take debit or credit cards. It’s a cash-only machine. You put your money in, and it gives you numbers — addresses that link to bitcoins, the world’s most popular digital currency. Or, if you already own some bitcoins, the machine can scan a QR code on your mobile phone and dispense cash.

Murck says it won’t be long till we see them in the US.  Continue reading

World’s First Bitcoin ATM Set to Go Live Tuesday

Three high school buddies from a tiny Canadian town say that they will flip the switch on the world’s first bitcoin ATM next week. It will operate near the entrance of a downtown Vancouver coffee house.

Bitcoin Atm Machine Canada

Photo: Robocoin

Built by a Nevada company called Robocoin, the machine will trade bitcoins for cash and vice versa. Bitcoin is the world’s most popular digital currency, and it exists only on the internet, but it can be traded for traditional dollars and euros. Continue reading