BTC-e Investigation Report was a Hoax

btc-e-down-cloudflareDid you get a little scared that the russian BTC-e servers would be frozen or seized? You wouldn’t be the only one..

BTC-e, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges on the market, was rocked following an announcement published on the website of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Volgograd region on Monday. The statement claimed BTC-e was “under investigation” by the office and it quickly generated plenty of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

However, it now seems fear mongering was the sole goal of the statement, which was apparently fake. The prosecutor’s office has issued another statement, saying its website had been hacked and the initial announcement was posted by hackers.

The rest of the story here.

BTC-e has Trouble Keeping up with Demand, again.


Popular exchange BTC-e is down. 

This may be another ddos attack which would not be the first time this exchange has suffered from one. This comes at at a time when BTC is hitting all times high well over $500 each. LTC and other altcoins are also frozen in charts from other websites that source BTC-e’s market prices, pretty irie.

So, at this moment it looks like BTC is tipping over into sell off on markets like Mt Gox and Bitstamp, which would usually equal dipping LTC prices – not so far.

Ah – I can hear the trollbox now… Sell Sell Sell!

BTC-E Becomes the Heavy Weight of Exchanges



Long gone are the days of Mt. Gox ruling the bitcoin world of Mordor, who up until recently boasted their 80% market domination 2011 statistic on their homepage. BTC-e, a russian exchange that usually trends behind, has made tremendous headway in becoming the most traded exchange today.

Unlike Gox that trades only bitcoin, BTC-e trades a variety of popular cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies like USD, EUR and RUR. As more traders learn about alternative (to Mt. Gox) exchanges, they realize it’s a much bigger risk to only have the pair of BTC/USD available to them. With BTC-e’s hand selected currency pairs, a trader can move their wealth into a plethora of popular currencies depending on their needs and ideals, making BTC-e a more stable exchange overall.