Singapore Regulators Will Not Interfere With Bitcoin

bitcoin sunAs reported on CoinDesk, Singapore has taken a hands off approach when considering regulations on the Digital Currency, Bitcoin. This adds them to the short list of open and unregulated countries supporting bitcoin like Japan and Germany.

At a time when many central banks and regulators are issuing bitcoin warnings and taking steps to limit bitcoin-related trades, Singapore’s central bank has decided to steer clear of bitcoin, for now at least.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) told Singapore-based trading platform Coin Republic that it will not interfere with bitcoin adoption. The authority said: “Whether or not businesses accept bitcoins in exchange for their goods and services is a commercial decision in which MAS does not intervene.”

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New Local Way of Trading Litecoins

new_litecoin_logo_large litecoin imageA new website, similar to, has opened trading the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, litecoin. is out to increase liquidity in the litecoin market at a crutial time for most investors.

Bitcoin has increased so much recently that whole ones are starting to become out of reach for some.

Thats where an alternative coin (altcoin) comes in, Litecoin is a less expensive, faster, and a higher quantity coin that is within reach of everyone – at least for now.

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Acquire First Bitcoin in 10 Minutes or Less

Coinbase has become notorious lately for taking close to a week to receive bitcoins after making payment. Not anymore! Up to 1 0.1 bitcoin can be purchased instantly and will deposited into your account in less than 10 minutes. This would have been laughable when coinbase opened and bitcoins were only $10. But today that could be close to a $500 $120 investment, pretty significant.


Part of our goal at Coinbase is to make acquiring Bitcoin as easy as possible. Since August, we’ve had an instant-buy feature available to users who have made a purchase and been with us for 30 days.

Starting today, all new Coinbase users can acquire a small amount of bitcoin (just 1) without the 30-day wait period provided they meet the rest of the required verifications (verifying their ID and adding a backup credit card).

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Edit: Updated Coinbase’s new policy of .1 bitcoin per week instantly.