The Rise of the ALTCOINS

altcoin-ftw These days, it’s easy to get a little flack for recommending alt coins. Those people tend to think only this new great ‘adoption’ of technology will be only for bitcoin, thats far from the case.

Both namecoin and litecoin have hit new highs in the last 48 hours, sitting ~250% increase. They are starting to get support from those looking for bitcoin alternatives, usually something cheaper.

Namecoin offers something unique to the crypto currency market, a new TLD called ‘.bit’.

Litecoin offers faster transaction times and a higher quantity of coins.

You can purchase bitcoins in 10 minutes or less and convert some into altcoins on popular exchanges like BTC-e, to diversify your crypto wallet.

New Local Way of Trading Litecoins

new_litecoin_logo_large litecoin imageA new website, similar to, has opened trading the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, litecoin. is out to increase liquidity in the litecoin market at a crutial time for most investors.

Bitcoin has increased so much recently that whole ones are starting to become out of reach for some.

Thats where an alternative coin (altcoin) comes in, Litecoin is a less expensive, faster, and a higher quantity coin that is within reach of everyone – at least for now.

Check out to buy and sell litecoin today.

Coinkite and Virtex trial bitcoin debit cards and POS terminals

Bitcoin debit cards and point of sale terminals are coming to Canada. Two Canadian companies – Coinkite and Virtex – are about to offer them, each taking a different approach.

Coinkite and Virtex trial bitcoin debit cards and POS terminals

The biggest problem getting a physical merchant to accept bitcoin is probably the interface. A lot of small business retailers like the black box nature of a point of sale system.

They can buy it and have it installed without having to know much about it. Understanding the nuances of QR codes, exchange rates and confirmation times is beyond many, as is fiddling with phone- and tablet-based wallets and scanners.

Coinkite wants to bridge the gap between bitcoin and small brick-and-mortar retailers by offering them and their customers a three-part ecosystem: a POS service, debit card, and ‘cryptobanking’ infrastructure.

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Chinese Investors Flock to Litecoin

Recently a number of Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges have begun accepting Litecoin, they include:

new_litecoin_logo_large litecoin image

  • (over 90k LTC/BTC trading volume today).
  • (over 19k LTC/BTC trading volume today).
  • (over ¥202,890 trading volume today).

In the last 24hrs we have also seen many occasions in which Litecoin prices have been higher on some exchanges based in China when compared to BTC-e. It would appear that Litecoin is now established on multiple high volume exchanges. The current BTC-e price is $3.05 up from a low of $2.60 in the last 24hrs.