Bitcoin – To Be, Or Not to Be less Volatile

Riding those waves on a daily basis making you sick? A new website from is out to calm the seas. With many more exchanges now in existence, averaging them all together can give us a clearer price point for USD/BTC and other exchange pairs. BitcoinAverage

I know I personally use to have many windows with different exchanges open all the time, not anymore. As more and more exchanges open all over the world, knowing the average cost of a bitcoin will provide more stability in the market, most likely in ways we have yet to see.

One of my favorite features of the website is the ability to take infamous Mt. Gox out of the equation. This is huge for anyone that has issues getting their currency out of the exchanges like USD as it no longer has to be factored into the price in your currency.

More exchanges will open over time, and thats a win win for websites like BitcoinAverage.