Bitcoin Users Aim to Quickly Correct any Issues

bitcoin_logoOver an over the top posts on reddit are issues that directly affect the bitcoin network, currency or protocol. Today that top post would be a PSA about the number of bitcoin nodes decreasing. Nodes are the number of computers on the network with a full copy of the blockchain:

A full Bitcoin node is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Miners are important, but full nodes are too. They spread transactions across the network. They have the only copy of the entire blockchain, and run the memorypool. Without full nodes in operation there is no Bitcoin.

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Xapo Launches Bitcoin Debit Card Accepted at All MasterCard Locations

BITCOIN DEBIT CARDCalifornia-based bitcoin wallet provider Xapo has announced the launch of a bitcoin debit card – a new product it is lauding as the first to allow bitcoin users similar spending freedoms to traditional debit cards.

The Xapo Debit Card debits BTC directly from users’ hot wallets, and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, both online and at physical locations, though it does not represent a partnership between the companies.

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New Colorado Marijuana Vending Machines Will Accept Bitcoin

New Colorado Marijuana Vending Machines Will Accept Bitcoin

Photo via Liz Ferron, Montana’s Smokehouse

Marijuana vending machines have long been rumored to debut en masse in certain US states, but the first machine that can be accessed directly by consumers was finally unveiled at an invite-only event in Colorado last week.

Billed as the first marijuana vending machine in America, the ZaZZZ unit is perhaps more accurately described as the first machine that will not be placed behind a sales counter. It offers a number of novel compliance features, including a driver’s license reader and a camera that captures video of users.

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Blockchain Strikes Five Year Deal to Exclusively Manage has struck a five year deal to exclusively manage the domain name is positioning itself to maintain and build its preeminence in the Bitcoin community by building strategic relationships that promote the understanding and usage of cryptocurrency. The domain name is the latest addition to a growing stable of products from

Our mission is to provide the tools and services that build on Bitcoin’s core strengths. We’re excited to create new learning experiences and introduce millions of users to Bitcoin as a result of this exclusive deal. Finally, understands that it’s important to drive this education today so that tomorrow the whole community can benefit from the next generation of world class Bitcoin infrastructure and applications.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Bitcoins

subway-accepts-bitcoin2013 was a breakout year for bitcoin. While many people are still trying to grasp the concept of “what exactly is a bitcoin?”, even more businesses are starting to ask the question “do we need to care?” With any new technology there are going to be advantages and disadvantages, risks and rewards. Bitcoin is no exception. Today I want to explore the idea of why YOUR business should consider accepting bitcoin and even more important explain from a business standpoint “what’s in it for me?”

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Mobile Payments Processor Square has Integrated Bitcoin

square-bitcoinAccept credit cards and BITCOIN on your iPhone, Android or iPad through the payment processor Square!

In an announcement posted on its website, the company said that it is currently developing tools to allow sellers to be paid using any method of payments that buyers want to use.

“Sellers should never miss a sale. We’re building tools so sellers can accept any form of payment their customers want to use. Making commerce easy means creating easy ways to exchange value for everything from a massage to a DODO case for your IPad,” said the company in the statement. “In that spirit, starting today, buyers can purchase goods and services on Square Market with Bitcoin.”

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Gyft Adds Walmart to it’s Wide Range of Store Gift Cards!

Walmart-gift-card-300 added to GyftBIG NEWS: Gyft quietly adds WALMART to its arsenal of gift card offerings!

In the last year, Gyft has offered a way to convert bitcoin into popular store gift cards like Target, Burger King, Bass Pro, Victoria Secret and more. Now they can boast bitcoin support for one of the largest retailers in the world.

No longer can anyone say Bitcoin can’t buy you the things you need, day in, day out.

Use your Bitcoin to:

Get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in stores or online at Shop Walmart for electronics, appliances, clothing, toys, home goods, and more. There are more than 4,700 stores across the U.S. with over 11,000 locations worldwide in 27 countries.

Check out their other store’s gift cards here:

Mt. Gox is Dead.


It’s not official, it’s not looking good for Mt. Gox, the online exchange that has held withdrawals from its customers for weeks now. There are now reports of the exchange halting  trades.

Update: All trades have ceased, eve of 2/24/14. has recently released a join statement on the topic.

“We are witnessing the failure of a company the government would deem ‘too big to fail,'” says one redditor, and they are right. The free market gobbles you up and spits you out when you keep messing up, as this isn’t their first time being solely responsible for tanking the market…  Continue reading

Why Bitcoin will more than Triple, come April


I believe we will see an epic rise, yet again, in Bitcoin’s price very soon.

When I was a younger lad, I would always join my Dad at the local car auction whether it was to help pick out the new family mobile or my first few cars. Growing up in a smaller city, the auto industry was a large part of our local economy and every year I watched the average prices of cars go up and down depending on the season.  Continue reading