TigerDirect Tops Overstock, Initial Bitcoin Sales

TigerDirect.com announced yesterday that they are now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin, becoming the 2nd major retailer to accept the new digital currency. Within the first 17 hours, their sales in bitcoin amounted to over $250,000!


It has since then been 17 hours. So where are we now in terms of sales? An TigerDirect spokesperson told BitcoinBoard this morning the company has raked in a massive $250,000 USD worth of items in bitcoin payments since it started accepting the payment method 17 hours ago. The amount was spend in more then 1000 orders, and these are great numbers for the webstore. 

This tops the previous record of $124,000 set by Overstock just days ago. The word is no doubt spreading the globe with haste. Business owners small and large are finding out that the Bitcoin protocol can provide solutions to save money, and increase efficiency.

Help spread the word by mentioning bitcoin everywhere you shop!

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